Overnight Sourcing: Increase efficiency by upto 40%

Our highly successful offshore ‘Overnight Sourcing’ model makes hiring easy and saves upto 40% of your recruiters time. They can concentrate more on qualified, pre-screened candidate pipeline and sales calls to generate better results.

  • Get resumes from all possible sources
  • Hand-picked and reviewed by expert team
  • Pre-screened against set criteria
  • Post jobs on multiple sites
  • Message and communicate with candidates
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Our sourcing solutions include: Active Sourcing and Passive Sourcing

Active Sourcing: We provide the sourcing specialist with access to our internal database & Job Boards (Dice, Monster, CareerBuilder, etc.) to do targeted searches against key job criteria and shortlist qualified candidates submit candidates after pre-screening and with detailed submission reports.

Passive Sourcing: We leverage our technical and functional expertise to track passive candidates through social media and professional networks. Our team understands deep web-search methodology & constantly monitors blogs, social media, LinkedIn, Interest groups, Community portals, etc. Our passive search skilled headhunters take into consideration the candidate's values, job preferences, skills, background and family commitments.

As a RPO Firm Pragna offers strategic advantage that can quickly provide business results for you. We offer customization RPO, Offshore recruiting services to yield you the maximum return on investments (ROI)

What to expect:

  • Well defined process with project managers to refine it
  • Thorough pre-screening of candidates
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Trained and talented team
  • Direct ATS upload

Key Benefits:

  • Increase recruiter efficiency by upto 40% (Read our testimonials)
  • Reduced time to fill positions
  • Lower cost per hire
  • Trusted and reliable team to support your needs
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