Smart Source: Flexible & easy execution and no long term contracts!

Smart source service is introduced to support our clients when they face manpower crunch. When job requisitions are more, clients need extra help to cover all the requirements. For those clients, smart source is an easy option as we work only for a week and submit the resumes.

Pragna’s ‘Smart-Source’ service is to assist clients when additional support needed. When job requisitions are more, Clients may face manpower crunch to work on additional requirements. It is important to handle those critical situations wisely. Pragna’s ‘Smart-Source’ service comes as a relief to our clients. When needed, we work with clients additional requirements for only a week and submit the resumes. There are no contracts or agreements and this process can be implemented instantly. This service is flexible and comes with a modest pricing.

Key Benefits:

  • Up to 8 premium job site access
  • No commitment or contract
  • Save over 60% cost from resume database purchase
  • More effective than a job posting