VMS Support

For any staffing company, working with a VMS requirement is challenging as it needs more pace that a VMS system demands It requires a good team of recruiters to quickly understand open requirements, speed up the recruiting process, maintain proactive candidate pools, and to quickly qualify submissions based on the VMS criteria.


Large sized staffing company based out of bay area and primary focus is IT and contingent staffing


  • The customer attributes their success to the quality of the service they provide. However, client lacked consistency
  • VMS requires a swift response by submitting candidates within the stipulated period of time. It was the biggest challenge for this client
  • Having a stable head count


  • Implemented our RPO services and formulated new recruiting strategy
  • Our team provided the additional support when needed
  • Submitted quality candidates within the stipulated amount of time


  • We are able to close more than 10 positions in a quarter
  • Stable headcount for our customer
  • Saved recruiting cost over 60%, which lead client to increase their business arena and grow
  • Pragna continues to manage whole VMS and deliver the expected results