Overnight Sourcing Service

Pragna provides Staffing assistance with an extremely successful offshore resume sourcing services. ‘Overnight Sourcing’ model is to ensure that our clients receive 24/7 support. It also helps to save around 40% of the recruiter’s time such that they can concentrate more on candidate and sales calls


Small-sized staffing company based out of New York and Primary focus is the IT full time and contract staffing


  • Needed extra support to compete with competitors
  • Lack of detailed screening of technical skills
  • Less productive in house recruiter


  • Implemented our overnight sourcing services to match with client competitors
  • Resumes were thoroughly screened and submitted directly in the ATS
  • Saved 30-40% of internal recruiter’s time
  • Increased the efficiency of in house recruiter


  • We are able to find the right talent for the job and closed various positions
  • Our customer got an edge over their competitors
  • In-house recruiter makes more candidate calls and also support in getting more job orders
  • Built long term data base