Full Cycle Recruitment service

Pragna provides Staffing assistance with an extremely successful offshore resume sourcing services. ‘Overnight Sourcing’ model is to ensure that our clients receive 24/7 support. It also helps to save around 40% of the recruiter’s time such that they can concentrate more on candidate and sales calls


Mid-sized staffing company based out of Portland and Primary focus is full time staffing


  • Lack of finding skilled recruiter and hence challenges of closing positions
  • Multiple job orders and recruiters with less domain expertise
  • Marketing ads and other expenditures increased recruiting costs and produced less ROI


  • Handpicked dedicated recruiters with minimum 3 years of experience in the same domain
  • Used our own job board logins and asked clients to cut short some of their less used JB logins
  • Weekly meeting with recruiters and clients to see the progress


  • Able to find right talents for the jobs and closed various positions in different industry
  • Saved recruiting cost over 60%, which lead them to expand their business arena
  • Increase in ROI as a result of reducing other marketing costs
  • Built long term data base
  • Pragna has now become a part of the client and suggest various recruiting strategies